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10 Ways to Spend Less While Travelling

Updated: May 13, 2020

Now if you're like me, you're going to want to splurge on your trip but sometimes your bills may get in the way. Here are 10 ways to spend less while traveling:

5 Ways to Spend Less Before:

1. Plan ahead. The easiest way to spend less is to try and avoid booking last minute trips. This helps you think about where you want to stay and can offer you more time to pay for your trip.

2. Be flexible. Sometimes adjusting your travel dates can help you save money. It's often cheaper to fly in the week than on the weekend.

3. Look for free tours. You don't always have to pay for everything. Sometimes museums may offer free days or there may be less touristy attractions you can explore for free.

4. Set a budget.m You know your coins so give yourself a set amount to spend everyday. Write down how much you intend to spend for each thing and stick to it when you get on your trip.

5. Pack light. You can save money on checked bag fees and make it easier to move around if you pack light. Trust, you don't and will not need all your outfit options. Chances are you may only use half of what you need.

5 Ways to Spend Less During:

6. Travel like the locals. Chances are taking public transit or walking, will definitely be cheaper than your Uber/Lyft/Taxi.

7. Eat street food. Cheap food can be so good. I love eating local delicacies and it saves money. If you're a skeptic, try eating at the local market.

8. Use wifi only. Avoid coming home to roaming charges. Use wifi to make calls or send messages. You can find wifi often in many public places, especially where tourists frequent.

9. Ask for a discount. I graduated and still use my student discount card (shhh don't tell). This can help you save a few dollars here and there.

10. Bring a water bottle. Refiling your reusable water bottle will help you save money and keep hydrated. Don't trust the water supply? Get one with a built-in filter.

I know there are other ways that people save while traveling so feel free to let me know how in the comments below!

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