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3 Travel items to Always Carry

Travel can be stressful but it doesn't always have to be. Here are the 3 things I think any traveler should own:

1. Luggage Scale: I absolutely hate paying overweight fees and with this, you wouldn't have too! The Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale is the one I own because it was affordable and lightweight.

2. Power Bank: I don't like being in a new place and not having access to my phone or apps. Having a power bank allows me to keep my device charged. My favorite power bank is the RAVPower 32000mAh Power Bank. It's by far the best one I've ever had!

3. Travel Towel: I Have you ever been out and found a random beach you wanted to stop at? But you didn't have anything with you? Well a quick dry towel is that thing you didn't know you needed! The Rainleaf Microfiber Towel is perfect.

These are the three things I recommend everyone get before their trip. What other things do you think you need? Let us know if the comments.

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