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5 Fun Family Vacations for Multigenerational Travelers

Vacations are a great way to bring families together and create new lifelong memories. Here are 5 trips you should consider for your next family vacation:

1. Cruises: Both Ocean and River cruises offer unique opportunities for your family to bond. Cruise ships are equipped with many activities for you to make memories on board and unique tours for you to make memories on land.

Whether you're interested in a cruise of the Hawaiian islands or on the Mississippi, a Caribbean cruise or a European cruise, there is a cruise line out there for you.

2. All-Inclusives: Family vacations can rack up when it comes to food so why not stay at a resort that provides your food, drinks and even entertainment.

At every age, your families' needs will be catered too. There are a bunch of kid activities and sometimes kids clubs at many resorts. Additionally, there are lots of food choices to choose from and who doesn't love to spend time at the pool or a beach?

3. Villa Rentals: Your home away from home is waiting. This is the perfect choice for those wanting to be in the same space with all their family members.

Villa prices can vary but they offer you the opportunity to decide which amenities are useful or you can your family, such as custom tours, personal chefs, transportation and even private butler service.

4. National Parks: For the adventure lovers, a camping trip to one of the national parks would be perfect. Consider a cabin rental, RV or camp at one of the national parks. This would help you feel connected to nature and to each other.

This is a cost effective vacation that you can consider driving too. There are 61 national parks for you to choose from! Be sure to talk to a ranger, have a picnic and enjoy the solitude!

5. Heritage Trips: Are you a history buff or simply want to connect your family tree to its ancestral roots? Then this type of trip is for you!

Take a visit to places where your parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents grew up in or frequented to feel connected to your family routes.

Interested in going on a family vacation but you're unsure where to start? Contact me and I'll help!

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