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5 Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Whether it's your first trip or your a seasoned traveler, we can all make mistakes that can make your travelling experience challenging. So let's start the new year right! Here are 5 travel mistakes you can avoid to make your travel smooth sailing:

1. Overpacking: I promise you don't need all the clothes you're packing. Chances are you may only wear at most half of what you pack. Leave that third option at home! You can also perhaps do laundry on your trip if you're worried about your clothing options.

2.Booking flights too close together: If you have a layover, try to give yourself enough of a buffer so that you aren't running through the airport to your next gate or stuck in customs missing your connection.

3. Forgoing travel insurance: Travel insurance is like any insurance, you don't know you need it until you actually need it. Travel insurance can help protect you and is extremely important for covering those nonrefundable travel expenses.

4. Not checking visa requirements: Your passport isn't the only thing you need to get to your destination, sometimes you need a visa too. Be sure to look into the requirements of the place you want to visit as not all countries allow you to get a visa at the airport, and some countries have lengthy visa processes.

5. Not informing your bank about your travel plans: The worst thing that could happen is trying to use your bank card and getting declined. Be sure to set a travel alert on your account a head of time. It will protect you and help insure there are no surprises. You also should consider finding out if their are any foreign transactions fees you should be aware of when using your cards.

Avoid these things on your next trip and this could make traveling a little bit stress free. Ready to go on your vacation, let's talk.

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