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8 Fun Family Vacations for Multigenerational Travel

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

The multigenerational travel trend has been gaining steam throughout the past few years. Bringing together multiple generations of a family, "multigen" traveling can include assorted immediate and extended family members, from grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles to siblings, in-laws, teens, babies, and more.

That's a lot of different people and age groups to please in one trip, not to mention the unique needs that come along with each—such as connected rooms, dining for large groups, and activities to keep everyone smiling.

While not all vacations are built to accommodate multigens, there are plenty that do.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Cruises

Best for: Families looking to fill their days with activities (or leisure) for all ages, and spend some togetherness in port stops.

Cruises are renowned for accommodating all ages, especially groups that want to do their own thing individually and come together at their leisure.

Cruises offer kids clubs for youngsters, adults-only areas for when parents and grandparents want some time to themselves, and plenty of shared spaces for everybody to come together and bond—whether over a meal, activity, or at one of the ports.

2. All-Inclusive Beach Resorts

Best for: Beach lovers craving fun in the sun, food, drinks, activities and relaxation, all in one place.

All-Inclusive resorts are perfect for those seeking the convenience of a centralized hub for everything. Pay special attention to the included options to ensure every family member has something to look forward to, and plan to be amazed by just how much all-inclusives change the way you vacation.

Bonus of most all-inclusives? On-site meals and most alcohol are included in the price.

3. Ranches

Best for: Families interested in horses, the outdoors and campfires.

Guest ranches present extraordinary opportunities for quality family bonding while horseback riding, skeet shooting, line dancing, and roasting s'mores over an open campfire.

Some dude ranches even have rodeos, daily trail rides, and programs for the kids to learn the basics of horse care.

4. National Parks

Best for: Families that want to enjoy the outdoors in a variety of ways.

National parks are perfect vacation spots for families that love the fresh air and various outdoors activities. Whether grandma enjoys nature walks to learn about wildlife and foliage, or the kids want to skip rocks, ride mountain bikes, and hike (or ski, depending on the time of the year), there are plenty of options here.

5. Villa Stays

Best for: Families seeking uninterrupted time together in their own villas, complete with chefs, maids and private pools.

A villa stay is the closest thing to a home away from home you can possibly get. The family can spread out comfortably, while hospitality teams meet your every needs, including preparing meals, cleaning, and booking activities.

6. Heritage/Cultural Travel

Best for: Families wanting to connect with their roots, or experience other cultures.

There's nothing more bonding than shared experiences, especially those in other countries. Whether you're looking to retrace your ancestral roots, or expand your worldly views by exploring a different culture, these trips are enriching for everyone involved.

7. Volunteering

Best for: Families looking to give back and lend a helping hand.

Plenty of destinations offer volunteer options for multigen travelers, with the chance to help and have plenty of free time for other activities and relaxation.

8. Historical Destinations

Best for: Families that love history and want to learn even more about specific topics or locations.

Whether you have eternal students in your family, current school kids, or just a general curiosity about history, vacations to historical locations can be profoundly enriching for everybody. Gettysburg National Battlefield is a favorite among those who want to learn more about the Civil War, for example, but there are plenty of U.S. cities steeped in history, too, among these: Boston, Massachusetts; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, D.C.; and Savannah, Georgia.

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