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Are Travel Advisors Worth it?

So you have a dream trip in your head-- maybe backpacking across Europe, an Alaskan cruise or sipping margaritas on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. As expected, you probably will open Google and start looking up flights, hotels or even different destination options. If you're like me, you'd end up down a rabbit hole, looking up the best restaurants and tours. After a while, you start to realize just how time-consuming setting up your whole itinerary can be. Yet you haven't even considered your best possible option: a travel advisor.

Aside from simply saving you time, recruiting the help of a travel advisor has plenty of other advantages, too. Here are 6 reasons to use a travel advisor:

Travel Tip: Don't be afraid to wander around on your trip. You might end up on a boat ride at Plaza de Espana in Sevilla, Spain.
Travel Tip: Don't be afraid to wander around on your trip. You might end up on a boat ride at Plaza de Espana in Sevilla, Spain.

1. Travel Advisors are personal.

Your travel agent takes the time to get to know you, your vacation desires, your likes and dislikes, and understand the dynamics of exactly the kind of trip you want to take. Need a family vacation with activities for teens? Check. Want a bachelorette party that pulls out all the stops? Double check. Looking into a girls trip for your milestone birthday? Triple check. Your travel agent will build you the perfect vacation for exactly what you need—and may even include some surprises along the way!

2. Travel advisors are knowledgeable.

One of the best things about working with a travel agent is their knowledge and expertise regarding your desired vacation spot. Whether you're looking for a personalized Disney vacation, or an unforgettable European cruise, there's an agent out there who specializes in planning it all.

3. Travel advisors think of things you wouldn't.

Travel advisors do this all the time, so it's normal that they'll think of the things you might simply overlook. For example: Did you know that some countries won't allow you in if your passport has a few too many stamps? Or, what about that small plane you need to take to get to that Greek island? Your travel agent knows all the missing pieces that you don't, ensuring your trip will run smoothly, from beginning to end.

4. Travel advisors are your advocates.

You never know what you might encounter on your trip. Is some random weather setback putting a damper on your plans?Wouldn't it be helpful to have a travel advisor in your corner? I'm not saying they are magicians but they can definitely make things happen!

5. Travel advisors get better prices.

Always. Since travel advisors have actual relationships with airlines, hotels and cruise lines, those “super hot and super fresh!” deals that those online dealers e-mailed you today were already available to your travel advisor two weeks ago.

6. Travel advisors are actual people.

Even with an online travel advisor, you’re dealing with a living, breathing human being who works hard to help make your travel dreams a reality. You’re speaking with somebody who knows your story—they know what you like, they can ask you about your dream trip, and they can get a basic feel for your needs. They know that when you say you want "luxury" you mean a plush pillow, stunning views, six-star service and amazing meals - not like those online booking engines that misconstrue "luxury" to just mean a clean, over-sized room. No online booking website can take the same personalized approach like an advisor can. Sure, the internet can be smart, but it sure isn’t warm and fuzzy. And besides, wouldn't you rather do business with somebody who you can get to know or, better yet, that you know already!?

Don't believe me? Consider trying a travel advisor for your next trip! It just so happens, I am one! Email me at or visit the contact page on the site and let me work with you on your next trip!

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