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Cruising 101: 5 Lessons Learned

Updated: May 13, 2020

I consider myself an avid traveler, always on the go and ready to explore a new place but something I had never done was gone on a cruise-- partly due to how unfair I think cruises are to Caribbean islands and the other because I didn't think I could survive on a boat. Well, an opportunity came to go to Cuba and the Bahamas as part of a 5 day cruise and I decided to take it. I had all my preconceived notions about cruises but personally I had always wanted to go to Cuba and couldn't pass up on the opportunity to do so.

Here are some of my lessons learned from cruising:

1. Don't book the cruise tours!

Personally, we opted not to book the tours as we felt the prices were pretty high. Instead we opted to explore on our own and had a great experience! We even befriended some other people from the cruise! We saw almost every site on the cruise tour for a fraction of the cost. However, be sure to keep your receipts so you remember where your money went!

2. Bring dramamine (and all other medications you need too)!

I personally felt all the movement of the boat, especially when I tried to sleep. I don't think I could have survived without it. I took dramamine all day everyday and it really helped control my motion sickness. In addition to dramamine, some anti-itch cream came in handy for a random rash I got as well! I always walk with a medicine kit when travelling!

3. Talk to other people!

I played uno with some new friends from Puerto Rico and even played Dominoes with some new friends from the Dominican Republic, just by simply saying hi and asking if I could join the game. This resulted in me learning new ways to play two of my favorite games and also just having some fun outside of the regularly scheduled cruise activities!

4. Be in the moment!

The time goes by so quickly! Of course you want to take photos, but be sure to appreciate the time you're there. Take in the beautiful sunsets and enjoy the breeze on the deck. I had lots of fun and so many memories made from just taking part in things that were happening around me!

5. Explore the ship!

There are so many different spaces on the cruise ship! I was still discovering things well into my last night. Be sure to try some of the onboard activities! We watched game shows, an ice carving contest and participated in a few parties on board! There is always something to do if you are interested!

Overall, my cruising experience was extremely positive! The food, memories and fun I had will last a lifetime. I am definitely looking forward to going on another :)

Picture from a cliff showing the sea, Havana and palm trees below
Views from the Fort in Cuba

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