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How to Choose the Right Vacation Rental

Sometimes you may want to take a vacation that's outside of a hotel room. Vacation rental properties offer opportunities to explore trips differently. If you've considered a beachside condo, a cabin in the woods or a castle in the french countryside, here are some tips to consider, to find your dream home away from home:

1. Read the descriptions carefully.

The descriptions can give you good insight into the amenities and services available with your rental and also give ideas as to the location of the property. If air conditioning is important to you or perhaps parking, you'll find the information you need there!

2. Check out the reviews, especially the detailed ones!

Every property owner is going to try to paint the best image of their property so be sure to read the first hand experiences of people who've actually stayed there!

3. Don't trust the online calendar.

Sometimes people cancel trips but the calendar may not have been updated. If dates may seem unavailable, it doesn't hurt to ask the property manager about it! You never know, you just might get lucky!

4. Check if there are minimum stay requirements.

Some properties may have a required minimum number of nights to pick. Nothing sucks more than finding the perfect property for your weekend trip, only to realize it requires a 7 night minimum!

5. Don't skip the fine print!

Read the policies, especially the cancellation policies! Also, be sure to read your rental agreement inside and out so you know what to expect.

6. Make a checklist of your must have amenities before you start looking!

Having a list of what you need can help you avoid wasting time looking at properties that may not meet your requirements.

7. Use google maps for a better view of the location.

Don't just trust the description that says its 10 minutes away from your favorite attraction, look it up if possible and see the area for yourself!

8.Look ahead, don't be last minute!

To get the best, you want to give yourself ample time especially during high seasons and if you're looking at popular locations. Nothing hurts more than your dream property being unavailable!

If all else fails and this seems like too much, you can always consult me, your friendly neighborhood travel agent!

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