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How to Plan a Day Trip From Your City

Every vacation or trip doesn't have to involve some elaborate trip to a foreign country or resort. You can go on trip and explore areas near you and your hometown. Day trips are a great way to avoid taking vacation days and also get a change of scenery or pace or even just get out the house if you're feeling a little stir crazy. The best part is you don't have to stress about picking the right hotel or even what to pack! So grab your charger, snacks, phone mount, and cooler/water, and get going!

Here are some tips to plan for your next or even first day trip:

Consider your budget:

While there are many things you can find to do for free, often times things like eating or entering parks or museums may have a cost. If you decide ahead of time how much you would like to spend, this can help you make decisions what you would like to do or where you'd like to stop.

Pick your scope:

Ask yourself, what would you like to see on your trip? Are there things you've heard about that you would like to explore? Another factor to consider is how far you are willing to drive. I typically cap my day trips at about 3 to 4 hours as you also have to drive the same distance to get back home!

A picture of some steps leading to a rocky beach shaded by a tree
Random Find on a day trip- Thorn Swift Nature Preserve

Look at the weather:

Depending on where you live, this may be a major deciding factor on what you can or can't do. If you want to go skiing, you may want to make sure it's snowed or if you would like to go hiking, you may want to double check that there isn't going to be rain in the forecast.

Check your transportation:

Make sure you have gas, oil and a spare tire in case you run into troubles on your trip. You can also consider a car rental for your trip or even taking a bus or train. If taking public transit, be sure to look at the times and perhaps consider buying tickets in advance so you get the most out of your trip and it's one less thing to worry about.

Do some research:

Based on your scope, budget, weather and mode of transportation, do some research on the activities you would like to do. I love going to Google maps and searching a particular area for things to do. You can also save these items to a list and use it to map your route! However, be sure not to overplan as the best part of these trips is the spontaneous places or restaurants you might find!

Once you've chosen your location and idea, you're ready to hit the road! Be sure to grab your road trip snacks, chargers and any other items you might need (eg. sunblock or towel)! Remember, you're in control of your trip and you can always take detours you find!

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