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Make each day in the Maldives a delight for your taste buds!

There are many reasons to go to the Maldives. The turquoise waters, coming in colors that you didn’t know even existed. The fun and thrills of your life on a jet-ski or a “flyboard”. The pleasure of sleeping in an overwater house, lounging in an infinity pool, and soaking in the endless blue of the water and sky. The buildings were built centuries ago out of interlocking blocks of coral.

But what you may not have known is that the food of this small island nation – a mix of countless imported cuisines, with its own tropical flair, fresh and exquisite ingredients prepared by world-class, and sometimes celebrity, chefs – is as much a reason to come as the scuba diving opportunities here. The Maldives is a foodie’s heaven.

So let’s find out why:

● Manta Ray Treehouse

Did you expect luxury dining up in the trees? Only at the Maldives! Come to Joali Maldives, on Muravandhoo Island, and feast on local favorites such as tuna with chili and lime, fish curry, and native lobster.

● Four Seasons Kuda Huraa

Fancy some ethnic dining? Then head to the north of Malé Island, where you can eat food inspired by the staples of the South Indian state of Kerala, hundreds of kilometers east over the ocean. The excellent chefs meld Indian flavors into local seafood, and their thalis offer a wide variety of options. If you’re in the Maldives, it’s not something to miss.

● White Orchid Restaurant

Or maybe you fancy Chinese food. Then join chef JA Manafaru, and order staples like wok-tossed spicy Maldivian lobster, or the “Maldives seafood hot pot” – a wonderful blend of local and imported flavors.

● So Hands On

Located on the island of Soneva Fushi, where celebrities such as Madonna and Paul McCartney are known to frequent, this private, eight-person sushi dining space is managed by the three-Michelin-star Japanese chef Kenji Gyoten. And – as you might imagine – the food is unforgettable.

● Shades of Green

This is – as you might guess from the name – a superb, plant-based hub in the Maldives. Located on the same island – and in the same resort – as So Hands On, it starts out with a sample of the produce grown right on the island itself. And it only gets better. After you’ve eaten here, you won’t miss milk or meat, even if you’re an omnivore!

● Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Yes, in the Maldives you can bring delight to your taste buds even from under the water! On Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, you’ll find this most unique restaurant, where the walls are literally a window to the delights of the ocean. When this opened in 2005, it was the first, and only, undersea restaurant in the world! And the food is delicious – so much so that you might forget your unusual setting, enraptured as your stomach becomes!

Ready to go to the Maldives, contact me today!

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