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South America's Hidden Gems

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

From rainbow mountain and glaciers to the infamous Machu Picchu and Iguazu Falls, South America is the perfect wonderland for you to explore. Here are a few of the hidden gems that need to be added to your bucket list:

Salt Cathedral, Colombia

The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá is an underground Roman Catholic church built within the tunnels of a salt mine. How cool is that? The best part is that it's only about 40 minutes to an hour outside of Bogota!

This is unique architectural space offers tours lasting about 60 minutes and can even be used for weddings. There is also a tour of the miner's route for you to experience the life of a miner which lasts about 30 minutes.

Vinicunca Mountain (Rainbow Mountain), Peru

The Rainbow Mountain is located in the Andes in the Cusco region of Peru, about a three-hour drive from Cusco and 6 mile hike. The mountain is made up of 14 different, colorful minerals and you can see llamas and alpacas along the way. You can also rent horses to help you along the way!

The best time to visit the Rainbow Mountain is during the dry season as during the rainy season, the mountains tend to be covered in snow.

Marble Caves, Chile

Shared between Chile and Argentina, the Capillas de Marmol is located in the middle of South America’s second largest lake, Lago General Carrera in Chile’s Aysén Region. The Cathedral, the Chapel and the Cave are the three formations that make up this breathtaking natural wonder.

The caves have formed over the last 6000+ years as the water melted from the nearby glaciers forming intricate caverns and tunnel systems. The caves are accessible by boat or kayaking, with most tours operating from the nearest town called Puerto Rio Tranquilo.

Ilha Grande, Brazil

Once a pirate hideout and even a political jail, this island's white sand beaches await you on your first or next trip to Brazil.

This island is a car-free zone accessible by boat and ready for you to explore trails, see the abandoned Candido Mendes prison and the Castelhanos Lighthouse, one of the oldest of the Brazilian coast, and go swimming in Lagoa Azul with varied species of fish and coral.

Often times, the best experiences happen on places you've never heard of. There are so many more gems hidden throughout South America ready and waiting for you to visit responsibly! Not sure where to start, let me help you get there.

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