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Which Caribbean Island Suits You? Part 2

Whether you're the relaxer, a foodie, or history buff, there's an island in the Caribbean just for you. Here are some of the best islands based on your traveler type:

breakfast platters on a table overlooking the ocean
Breakfast with a view at Croissant Royale

1. For Foodies:

St. Martin

With Creole, French, and African culinary influences, St. Martin is a foodie lovers paradise. Known as the french culinary capital of the Caribbean, this is definitely a spot you do not want to miss. Lobster BBQ, Johnny Cakes and fish fritters await you on the island.

2. For Families:


Family friendly hotels, good food and lots of activities await you in this tropical paradise. You can take a trip to Harrison's Caves, go ziplining in the Aerial Trek Zipline Adventures or go swimming in Animal Flower Cave.

3. For Romantics:


Get ready to rekindle your love and fall in love with Jamaica! Home of couples only resorts, Jamaica is a must visit for you and the one you love. In Jamaica, you can celebrate your anniversary, renew your vows and even get married.

4. For History Buffs:


Ringed with coral reefs and many sandy beaches await you in Antigua. However, Antigua is home to many historical sites dating back to the 1700's making it the perfect destination for history buffs. Be sure to visit the only surviving Georgian naval dockyard in the world, Nelson’s Dockyard and the many ruins and museums at Shirley Heights.

5. For Budgeters:


Martinique has lots to offer which makes it a great stop for budget travelers. Renting a car and enjoying the local cuisine, are easy ways to make your trip here affordable. Some free things to enjoy are the Anse Cafard Slave Memorial, Les Salines Beach, La Savane Park and St. Louis Cathedral.

6. For Divers:

St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts and Nevis is home to the eye-opening dive sites of the Monkey Shoals and the gliding sea turtles of Frigate Bay Reef. Coconut Tree Reef is one of the largest reefs in the area, ready for you to explore.

7. For Wellness Seekers:

Canouan, Grenadine Islands

A luxurious escape awaits at Canouan. Canouan is the site of the four-star Tamarind Beach Hotel, the Pink Sands Club, and Canouan Estate, which includes an 18-hole golf course, fine dining, and high-end spas. This is the perfect way to relax and unwind.

8. For Nature Lovers:

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Located off Puerto Rico’s eastern coast, Vieques is best known for its bioluminescent Mosquito Bay, the brightest in the world. Go experience the laid-back Caribbean life and also enjoy the free-roaming horses (owned by the locals) that you will see on the island.

9. For Shoppers:


Aruba is a shopper's paradise and a haven for locally made crafts and international brands. One of the southernmost caribbean islands, Aruba is also filled with white sand beaches ready for you to enjoy.

10. For the Relaxers:

Culebra, Puerto Rico

This no frills island island is also located on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. If you're looking to go off the beaten part and enjoy spending time at the beach, this island is for you.

There is so much to do and see in the Caribbean for any and every traveler. So don't be afraid to explore, you may find a new slice of paradise!

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